Booking info

My books open March 1st!! 🌸

On March 1st I will be booking appointments for April – August!

Read on for THE RULES!

I will be opening my books via email on September 1st from 9am-5pm ONLY

You must email me in this time frame if you would like to be tattooed this winter.

Please email me with the following info:
•Your design idea
•Rough size estimate
•Include any inspiration images
•Give your availability during the week to be tattooed in addition to coming in for a brief in person consultation

I will be choosing projects from the emails I receive with these details on September 1st between 9am-5pm.

I get between 300-400 emails when I open my books. Unfortunately this allows be to be selective of the projects I take. (Yes, it is unfortunate for me as well because I absolutely hate turning down projects and having to choose.) Since I begrudgingly have to, I will be choosing projects that are best suited for my portfolio. This includes abstract ornamental line work and dot work, florals, botanicals, insects and combinations there of. I do not tattoo portraits, human figures, pets (with fur) or full color. There are incredible artists in our area that knock those subjects out of the park! I prefer to stay in my lane and give you my very best work.

I’ve never opened my books during a pandemic. I don’t know what to expect. All I know is that we’re all doing our best! 😮

Tattooing is not my job but my way of life. I eat sleep and breathe my livelihood. I can’t express how appreciative I am of every email, project and client that comes my way. This includes the ones I can take on this round of booking and the ones I can’t. Thank you for liking, sharing, emailing and supporting my work. Truly, thank you!