Booking info

• My booking process •

1.) You must send me an email on the exact  date my books are open. You have 24 hours starting at 12am est of the date my books are open  

2.) You must include in your email: Your design idea, inspiration images (so I can get an idea of the stylization you are going for), a size estimate, preferred placement and your availability during the week for both a 20 minute consultation and for the tattoo appointments 

 3.) Due to the high volume of inquiries I get on the day my books are open I simply cannot take on every email submission, no matter how badly I want to. When I have my books open for 24 hours I have been getting between 350-450 emails

4.) I open my books 3 times a year (every four months) for 24 hours. This makes it easier on both myself and clients because when I used to book out a year in advance, there was a lot of rescheduling because so much can happen in a year, understandably! 

Since I only book out 4 months at a time now, I can only take on roughly 100 appointments When I am getting 300+ emails, you can see the dilemma. I hate turning down projects and please do not feel discouraged. If your project is turned down please re submit your inquiry the next round my books open! 

5.) Priority is given to project submissions that are ornamental, mandala / henna inspired line work, florals and botanicals, dot work, insects, and of course free reign on designs. (Please no portraits or animals with fur, there are many artists in our area that are simply amazing and specialize in them!) Priority is also given to unfinished works in progress. Thank you for continuing to follow my work and journey as an artist. I appreciate your patience more than words can express. 

Thank you