Marie Reverie’s FAQ!


My books are currently closed until further notice in light of the recent global pandemic.

I plan to open my books to new clients and projects tentatively in late fall 2020. Those appointments will be schedule for December 2020 through March 2021

• My booking process •

1.) You must send me an email on the exact  date my books are open. You have the full 24 hours to submit your request. (Unfortunately the next date is still TBA) 

2.) You must include in your email: Your design idea, inspiration images (so I can get an idea of the stylization you are going for), a size estimate, preferred placement and your availability during the week for both a 20 minute consultation and for the tattoo appointments

3.) Due to the high volume of inquiries I get on the day my books are open I simply cannot take on every email submission, no matter how badly I want to. When I have my books open for 24 hours I have been getting between 350-450 emails! 

4.) I open my books 3 times a year (every four months) for 24 hours. This makes it easier on both myself and clients because when I used to book out a year in advance, there was a lot of rescheduling because so much can happen in a year, understandably!

Since I only book out 4 months at a time now, I can only take on roughly 100 appointments When I am getting 300+ emails, you can see the dilemma. I hate turning down projects and please do not feel discouraged. If your project is turned down please re submit your inquiry the next round my books open!

5.) Priority is given to project submissions that are ornamental, mandala or henna inspired line work, florals and botanicals, dot work, insects, and of course free reign on designs. (Please no portraits or animals with fur, there are many artists in our area that are simply amazing and specialize in them!) Priority is also given to unfinished works in progress. Thank you for continuing to follow my work and journey as an artist. I appreciate your patience more than words can express.


Thank you


I see your books are closed, when can I book an appointment with you?

I had to close my books to focus my attention on the appointments & designs I have currently on the books. I plan to re open my books every 4 months and book only the following three months, so the wait between the consultation and you first tattoo appointment will be mush less. For updates on when my books will be open next, please refer back to this page or see my bio on instagram.

On the date my books open, please email me with the following information:

Your general idea with as much description as possible. Please include inspiration images (if you have them) to show the design direction. Include a rough size estimate and placement you had in mind. Include your availability during the week with time frames. I am available to tattoo six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

How do I book an appointment with you?

  • Email! (MarieReverieDesign@gmail.com) Email is the best way to get in contact with me and now the only way to book a consultation and appointment. I can answer and access my email on all of my devices, phone, tablet and computers so I can answer your emails as frequently as humanly possible! It also makes my life easier when it comes to recovering our conversations when it comes time to design your piece. I will no longer be setting appointments via social media or text.

Do I need to book a consultation for my piece? It’s a really simple design….

  • Yes, all tattoos require a consultation no matter how tiny or simple! (For my clients out of state / unable to make frequent visits to Raleigh I do make myself available for consultations via Facetime or Skype. An appointment made via email will still be required to book.) To accommodate most schedules, I am available for consultations six days a week! Monday through Saturday between 10am-4:30pm. We will schedule your consultation via email and at the time of your consultation we will schedule your tattoo appointment. For large scale projects, we will schedule ALL sessions needed at once with at least two weeks between each appointment.

What do I need for a consultation? Do you need a deposit?

  • I do require a deposit to book an appointment / hold a date and time for your appointment and to cover the design time needed for your piece up front. The minimum deposit is $80. Half sleeves are $120, full sleeves are $150, back pieces are 200. *Deposits are non refundable. They cover the design time up front and hold spots on my calendar. If you have a date on my calendar that a future client needed and could not book with me that is a client lost. If I start your design four weeks or four months before your scheduled appointment (depending on when inspiration strikes!) that is time I have used for YOU that I could have used for someone else on another design. I often tattoo six days a week so time is a very precious commodity! I respect that ideas change so deposits are transferable depending on the situation and used for a future appointment. For completely new designs a new deposit will be required. If there is ever an issue we can work through it, all I ask is you please respect my time ❤

Do you accept cards?

  • Yes! I use square. There is a 3% fee for card transactions. Cash is best!

How Far out are you booked?

  • This varies but I try to stay booked only 4 months out at a time.

I emailed you a week ago, why haven’t I heard back yet?

  • I answer each email personally with as much information and thought as I can. It is just me and if I had the ability to tattoo, draw custom designs and answer emails simultaneously I would be on it! I am on average a week behind on emails. I answer emails generally an hour in the morning and an hour at night. This varies as I may need to devote more time to designing and drawing with the clients that I have already booked. Once I respond to your email and we start a conversation I aim to respond within the 24 hours to keep up communication. I also keep an eye out for emails from clients that have an appointment coming up (like those asking for the design or need to reschedule etc.) so if you need to reach me regarding either, mention so in the first couple of lines in the email. If you have not heard back from me in more than two weeks, please feel free to reach out again. If it has been any less than 14 days, please do not resend emails! I answer them in the order they are received and if you email again both emails get put to the very top and it will take me even longer to respond! I promise I am not ignoring you or dreading emails, I sincerely love and appreciate all of you and answer all that I can, every single day!

Can I see my design before our scheduled appointment?

  • Absolutely! I can definitely send over the design proposal before your scheduled appointment if we have met for the consultation, a deposit (minimum of $80) has been received and your appointment(s) are on the schedule. I generally start designs between 1-2 weeks before the appointment. This varies based on the size/complexity of the design. Sometimes I start and finish a design in an hour or a day. Sometimes I need to set it aside and come back to it. Gotta love the creative process! Every design and client interaction is different but I try to have the design completed between 2-4 days before the scheduled appointment. In order to see the design, YOU must email me. I do not email them out because sometimes I will just keep working on them until the day of and have a sea of work for us to play with! I also am super extremely busy so an email saved is an email earned! Or whatever! So if you want to see it reach out the week of your appointment or we can discuss everything together in person at the time of the appointment.

..Which leads me to my appointment schedule and how I break up my day (generally)

  • For any large scale projects or pieces taking more than four hours- you are my only appointment that day. This means when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time we can take all the time we need to finalize/alter/resize/fit your design. I don’t like having a deadline for time and when doing intricate work if I need to take my time, I am going to! I ask that you also have no other requirements the day of your appointment.
  • For designs that are less than four hours (and depending on the design and the client) I can take another small piece totaling in an hour or two. I will fit in small pieces where I can on my schedule but I do not tattoo more than 6 hours in a single day. No exceptions.

How much do you charge?

  • I have an artist minimum of $100. I charge by the hour and my hourly for large scale pieces is $140/hour for black work.

I see from your portfolio on Instagram you do mostly black work? Can you do color?

  • I am not tattooing any full color pieces at this time. I can tattoo pops of color in some pieces by request but this must be approved by me prior to your appointment. The long and short of it is I do not draw in color at this time so I am not tattooing with color at this time. My passion is for intricate ornamental line work, pen and ink illustrations, dot work and botanical illustrations. I used to paint and may get back into it someday but for now my artistic passion is solely with black ink! I will leave the full color pieces to the amazing and talented color artists in our area ❤

Are there any areas of the body you won’t tattoo?

  • I do not tattoo hands / fingers, feet, or necks. In some cases depending on the design and the client, I can make an exception but as a rule, and for new clients I do not tattoo these areas.

Do you do cover ups?

  • I do not do cover ups.

Do you use vegan ink?

  • I do have vegan ink options! I also have an ink I use that I have not been able to confirm for sure is vegan, the brand is “Dynamic”, black ink. The vegan ink I have is Eternal, in a handful of different blacks.
  • My color ink is Eternal ink garnished with some Fusion ink, both of which are advertised as vegan brands. Yay!

What days of the week do you not tattoo?

  • I do not tattoo Sundays and I take off every other Monday and Wednesday. During these days I am still drawing and answering emails 🙂 Sundays though, I am outside and need one day during the week to disconnect! We all do!

If you have any other questions not listed here please email me at: MarieReverieDesign@gmail.com