diy Update!



Lettering done! Next is adding the acrylic paneling to the top with decorative rivets.


weekend DIY

My latest weekend project: hand drafting Disney’s Cinderella castle onto a salvaged piece of wood. Once the sketch and lettering are finished I will be mounting a piece of Plexiglas over the piece for preservation in order for it to be used as a surface on the ottoman in the living room!

castle drafting small

Conceptual Interior Illustrations

Currently working on a couple of fun new whimsical illustrations inspired by Boca Do Lobo’s Marie Antoinette mirror.. very Alice in wonderland with both traditional and baroque qualities! Some of my favorite trends to contrast. I will be uploading them to my Interior Illustrations tab and until then you can check out some of my other work! Thanks!

Marie Antoinette Mirror
Marie Antoinette Mirror